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NTEIBINT feat. Stella - Never Without You (Gespleu Remix) by Eskimo Recordings

release date: 21st of April 2014 NTEIBINT is the alter ego of the talented Greek producer George Bakalakos. Following EP’s on Bang Gang and Kitsuné and remixes for Jamie Lidell and Alex Gopher, Eskimo Recordings is proud to present his Never Without You EP. Part charming pop, part organic disco, the original version of ‘Never Without You’ is one of many stunning tracks on our latest compilation The Blue Collection. This ode to love and longing now gets a full single release, including three fresh remixes and the brand new original ‘Baby’. First remix comes from Bluford Duck, who’s featured on quality deep house labels like Jeudi, Suara and Sleazy Deep. His surprising take on the original creates a mood that’s perfect for any dance-floor. Domestic Technology is a sunkissed musical project, heavily influenced by the sounds of the 80s and disco in general. Excellent rework by this Russian producer, approved by Aeroplane. We discovered Gespleu through Satin Jackets. It is the alter-ego production guise of Anton Lanski who started producing at the turn of the millennium. Lanski’s affair with sound “through heart, hands and computer tools” have led to a raft of successful releases and remixes, and this is no exception. TRACKLIST 1. NTEIBINT feat. Stella - Never Without You (Original Mix) 2. NTEIBINT feat. Stella - Never Without You (Bluford Duck Remix) 3. NTEIBINT feat. Stella - Never Without You (Domestic Technology Remix) 4. NTEIBINT feat. Stella - Never Without You (Gespleu Remix) 5. NTEIBINT - Baby (Original Mix)

Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Pretty Thoughts by Galimatias This is the second track off our single on Loodma Recordings. If you like our music you can show your support by buying it on any of the online stores. You can also stream it through Spotify. Artwork by Brombaer @brombaer Field @brombaer Field recordings by Felix Blume

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